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Many people can’t get the skills they need from reading a book, but don’t have time/finances for professional counseling. Resilified meets your needs on your timeline, your budget, at your convenience.

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Learn the concepts that therapists teach in private session, at your convenience, and at a fraction of the cost.


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Most lessons feature a practical skill you can learn. These skills fortify your resilience.


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Our supportive community encourages you in your efforts to fortify your resilience. Find friends that understand your challenges and validate your progress.

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About Joan Landes

As a licensed psychotherapist, Joan Landes, has professionally supported the progress of thousands of individuals, couples and families. But she saw glaring flaws in the system that demands travel, time-off, and a small fortune to learn the skills that build resilience. People in distress could not get the knowledge and skills they needed.

Finally, after hearing a single mother of a disabled child sadly hang up the phone because she couldn’t afford therapy, Joan decided to take action. After years of development and investment, Resilified is a reality. Joan’s greatest desire is for everyone to learn the secrets to becoming Resilified and creating a resilient life with loved ones.

Popular Courses

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  • Save Your Marriage in 90 Days

    April 09,2019 / 0 Comments

    End the Pain. Not the Marriage.

  • C1 Top-Tier Thinking for Resilience

    August 23,2018 / 3 Comments

    This course is the foundation of your personal resilience. By using these simple, basic skills, you can improve your life immediately. I use these skills every day! I can testify that they truly work...

  • Smart Start -- FREE

    August 21,2018 / 0 Comments

    These are the first 3 lessons that kick-off the Resilified courses. Enjoy them for free and create a smart start to becoming more resilient! Big Hint: To get the most out of Resilified, keep a...

  • C20 Drop Depression

    June 22,2018 / 0 Comments

    Depression can hit a person at any time. In this course, you can learn skills and gain insights to encourage resilience in yourself and others. I hope you enjoy making these important...

  • C24 Break Bad Habits

    April 16,2018 / 0 Comments

    Everyone has a habit or two they would like to break. Some habits are destructive to your happiness and need to be addressed intentionally over a period of time. Don't lose hope! This course teaches...

  • C23 Beat Betrayal Trauma

    April 16,2018 / 0 Comments

    If you are in a romantic relationship and have been betrayed by your partner, the effect can be traumatic. Many times the betrayed partner doesn't understand why they feel "crazy" or what to do about...

What our students are saying about us

I first met Joan when I was grieving the loss of my son. Her experience, skill, and compassion helped me to navigate the the hardest time of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I learned so much from Joan. Now I am working and in a much better place. Joan is literally a life saver. I will be forever grateful to her.

— Bethany

2017 was a very hard year for me and I truly do not know what I would have done with out Joan’s help. The tools that she taught me are helping me not only with my personal life but with my work life as well. I am very happy that she’s my therapist.


I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your help with R_____ and I last year. My thanks to you is for helping me realize many many good things and changes that I had done, and needed to continue to work on. Thank-you, Joan. Your words will travel with me. You’re doing well. . . please continue to help those who can be helped.

— Landon

About Resilified

Resilified was developed to fortify the resilience of people who want better lives. With online courses to develop skills and insights along with a supportive community with forums, Resilified can create amazing growth in our users.

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