How to turn PTSD into Post-Traumatic Growth: Part 2

Gaining perspective  


  1. Document your Trauma with a “survivor/thriver/resilient” perspective. This can be done in a myriad of ways, but can be important for gaining some distance and control of the “story” of the trauma. Cast yourself as the victor in some way rather than simply as a victim. Here are some suggested ways to record the event(s).
    • Write the events in a journal and express feelings of hope and confidence at the end..
    • Write a novel or biography with a successful/happy ending
    • Write poetry or a play with the theme of thriving
    • Create a visual work of art: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, video that is themed about surviving with resilience.
    • Create a musical piece or song with words: original work, or edited music video from online sources that is inspirational in the end
    • Choreograph a dance where the theme is overcoming oppression and empowerment. Perform the dance for supportive people.
  1. Form or join a “Survivors” group for whatever form of trial you have experienced. Make sure it is facilitated by someone knowledgable in support groups, if possible. Spend time with other survivors and form meaningful bonds with others who can empathize.
  2. Consult a spiritual tradition (books, thought leaders, etc) to put your experience into a perspective that has meaning for you. If you have a framework of the universe that can explain suffering, you will be more resilient than a person who lacks that framework. Spirituality can occur within or without an organized congregation or social group. However, organized groups can offer social support that individual spiritual practices cannot.  Don’t discount organized groups that foster spirituality.





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