This course is the foundation of your personal resilience. By using these simple, basic skills, you can improve your life immediately. I use these skills every day! I can testify that they truly work to bring happiness, peace and love into the lives of people worldwide. Have fun with the discoveries that you make!

After this course, make sure you view my other follow-up courses that are recommended for you. I’m excited to see you on my site!

Course Curriculum

C1L1 Your World of Emotions 00:09:00
C1L2 Layers of Emotions 00:22:00
C1L3 Trauma Turns Up the Heat 00:00:00
C1L4 Cognitive-Emotional-Behavioral Chains 00:00:00
C1L5 Change Your Feelings Instantly 00:00:00
C1L6 Detecting Cognitive Distortions 00:00:00
When we fall into distorted thinking, we are often vulnerable to bad decisions. Here are some common distortions that can mess with your thinking.
C1L7 Replacing Negative Thoughts 00:00:00
This lesson teaches the rules for replacing negative thoughts so you can get free of a great deal of negative emotions.
C1L8 Repatterning our Thoughts 00:00:00
So, now that you have developed healthy thought replacements, what do you do with them? This lesson teaches how and what to do with them.
C1L9 Mindfulness Strategies with Thoughts 00:00:00
This lesson teaches ways to direct the flow of thoughts in gentle and effective ways.

Course Reviews


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  1. So Much Practical Wisdom


    I didn’t think I would get much out of this, but I can do anything for 20 minutes, right? But after the first two videos I was hooked. I watched the first five in one sitting, and it was like drinking from a fire hose! Lesson five rocked my world! The concepts are all so simple and you can begin to put them into practice immediately.

  2. This is amazing!!


    I never knew this stuff and I can see how I have been affected by core issues! Wow!

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