This course gives great pointers on making the teen years a good experience! I’ve had 7 teen children, and although they are challenging at times, the relationship with a teenager is also immensely rewarding. Adolescents often get a bad rap, and we can change that!

Highly Recommended: Take Courses 1, 4, 5, 9 before this course

Course Curriculum

C14L1 Understanding Teen Development 00:00:00
Sometimes it is easy to forget the challenges that teens have! This lesson gives pointers on why our teens may be in a very awkward stage.
C14L2 Strengthen Relationships First 00:00:00
The relationship with your teen is the foundation of progress. Build a better relationship and notice your teen being more willing to connect with and listen to you!
C14L3 Listen So They’ll Talk 00:00:00
Lecturing or scolding your teen is like poison to your relationship. Learn new ways to listen so your teen will actually talk.
C14L6 Help Them Set Goals 00:00:00
When we encourage our teens in positive ways, it helps them have confidence. Here's some pointers on how to do that.
C14L7 The Power of Habits and Routines 00:00:00
Habits can make or break a teen. Most teens need a great deal of support to form healthy habits. This lesson shows some good ways to do this.
C14L8 Pass the Love Test 00:00:00
Teens will do some unpredictable things as they begin to form their identities and take on some adult responsibilities. Often this comes in the form of a "Love Test". Make sure you are prepared to pass that test!
C9L9 Strength-based Motivation 00:00:00
Instead of fault-finding and criticism, use Strength-based motivation. It will give great rewards!
C7L10 Not Just the Golden Rule 00:00:00
We've all heard of the Golden Rule, but did you know about the other "rules"? Listen to this lesson and find out which rule rules you.
C5L11 Totally Loving Boundaries 00:00:00
Totally Loving Boundaries are the necessary accompaniment to Total Love. See why and how to use these.

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