Anger—- it pretty much ruins a lot of relationships. And it ruins our own peace and happiness. This course give specific tools to deal with anger and to tell when anger is helpful and when it is not. Let us know your experiences with this course!

Highly Recommended: Take Courses 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 before this course

Course Curriculum

C19L1 Anger Patterns 00:00:00
C19L2 Payoffs for Anger 00:00:00
C19L3 Costs of Anger 00:00:00
C19L4 Childhood Experiences with Anger 00:00:00
C19L5 Core Issues Drive Anger 00:00:00
C19L6 Express Primary Emotions 00:00:00
C19L7 Assertiveness Instead of Anger 00:00:00
C19L8 Compassion Conquers Anger 00:00:00
C19L9 Relax and Take a Break 00:00:00
C19L10 Enjoy the Good Results 00:00:00

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