If you are in a romantic relationship and have been betrayed by your partner, the effect can be traumatic. Many times the betrayed partner doesn’t understand why they feel “crazy” or what to do about it. This course can point the way.

Highly Recommended: Take Courses 1 and 3 before this course.

Course Curriculum

C23L1 Betrayal Trauma 00:00:00
C23L2 Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma 00:00:00
C23L3 Support Systems 00:00:00
C23L4 Safety: Mind, Body, Heart 00:00:00
C23L5 Safety: Coping Strategies 00:00:00
C23L6 Safety: Self-Care 00:00:00
C23L7 Safety: Boundaries 00:00:00
C23L8 Processing: Express Your Pain 00:00:00
C23L9 Processing: Revisit and Revise the Memories 00:00:00
C23L10 Processing: Shift Cognitions 00:00:00
C23L11 Healing: Relational Work 00:00:00
C23L12 Healing: Find Your Cause 00:00:00
C23L13 Healing: Post-Traumatic Growth 00:00:00

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