This course gives you specific techniques to create self-soothing in the moment when you may feel distressed. These tools don’t necessarily “solve the problem” that is distressing you, but de-escalates your reactions so your brain can begin to solve the problem when you are in a more resilient state. When you are able to feel calmer, you will think more logically and creatively.

Highly Recommended: Take Course 1 before this course.

Course Curriculum

C3L1 The Mind Body Connection 00:00:00
A simple way to conceptualize how the human brain works is to divide it into 3 general areas. This model is very broad and doesn't address many realities, but the basic ideas are useful for self-understanding
C3L2 Relaxation Strategies: Breathing 00:00:00
Breathing is about the only function of the reptilian brain that we have conscious control of. . . so it is an important to use this doorway to our brain to calm our body and brain.
C3L3 Relaxation Strategies: Progressive Muscle Relaxation 00:00:00
A very effective technique to refocus on relaxation instead of distress is the progressive muscle relaxation strategy.
C3L4 Relaxation Techniques: Guided Imagery 00:00:00
Using your mind to envision peace or envision the dismissal of negative thoughts is a powerful tool to increase resilience.
C3L5 Relaxation Techniques: Meditation 00:00:00
Meditation is a time-honored way to calm your mind and body to increase resilience.
C3L6 Strategies for Reducing Pain 00:00:00
These techniques don't necessarily eliminate pain, but can help to reduce its perceived intensity.
C3L7 Meditation and Yoga 00:00:00
Although some research has emerged that discounts the usefulness of meditation and yoga, enough studies exist that this skill set should probably be included in your resilience tools.
C3L8 Exercise for Resilience 00:00:00
Exercise is a crucial component of resilience. Perhaps one reason people become more depressed and anxious as their culture becomes more modernized, is that exercise may be reduced in daily life. Our bodies and brains were wired to move!
C3L9 Contact with Nature 00:00:00
Again, we must think about the environment in which our physiology developed in order to meet the inherent needs we have. Nature plays a significant part filling our inherent needs.

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