This course explains how important human attachment is to healthy relationships. We have an intrinsic need for connection, and this course helps you understand yourself and others so you can meet needs much more consistently. This course will surprise you!

Highly recommended: Take Course 1 before this course.

Course Curriculum

C4L1 What is attachment? 00:00:00
The study of attachment has changed significant areas in the study of psychology. When we understand the significance of attachment, we can understand ourselves and others better.
C4L2 Kinds of Attachment Styles 00:00:00
Our attachment styles can influence the rest of our lives. Find out some of the important styles and how these may play out in your life.
C4L3 When Our Needs are Not Met 00:00:00
Every child needs and deserves to feel safe, secure and cherished. When this doesn't occur for some reason, the results become complex.
C4L4 What Kind of Attachment Style do I Have? 00:00:00
You can find out what kind of attachment style you may have. Have fun searching this out and understanding some of the tendencies you may have.
C4L5 Adult Relationships and Attachment 00:00:00
This lesson shares some of the usual effects of attachment styles. These concepts are very important.
C4L6 Changing Your Attachment Style 00:00:00
Can your attachment style be shifted? Although it isn't easy, the answer is "probably yes!"
C4L7 Calm Relational Anxiety 00:00:00
There ARE thing you can do if you have relational anxiety.
C4L8 Adoption and Attachment 00:00:00
Adoption can be fraught with attachment complications. Adoptees have unique challenges to feel part of the biological family, but some knowledge can help in the bonding progress.

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