In this course, you build on the previous courses about attachment (C4) and general relationships (C5). Here, we start to understand your partner better and learn how to meet needs in an intentional way. This is a very popular course!

Highly Recommended: Complete Courses 1,4,5 before taking this course.

Course Curriculum

C7L1 Creating Love In Your Life 00:00:00
Love can be created intentionally! Find out some of the ways this can happen in your life.
C7L2 Falling in Love Vs. Growing in Love 00:00:00
Too often, people think that the feelings that occur when "falling in love" are the penultimate emotions relating to affection. However, the more advanced experience of love occurs when we are "growing in love."
C7L3 Love Languages 00:00:00
When we know our partner's love language, we can learn to express love in ways that feel like love to them.
C7L4 Couples’ Emotional Needs 00:00:00
Men and Women tend to have some varied emotional needs. Learn about how your needs fit into the common patterns.
C7L5 Love Builders and Love Busters 00:00:00
The concept of Love Builders and Love Busters are simple ways to quantify your actions as they effect the love relationship. Dr. Willard Harley was the originator of these concepts.
C7L6 The Couples’ Council 00:00:00
Learning to meet with your partner and have some structure in your goals, plans, and problem-solving, is a great skill for relationship resilience.
C7L7 Investing in Relationships 00:00:00
Relationships are a very important place to invest your efforts. Although every relationship will not be enduring and pleasant, simply practicing relationship skills will eventually pay off for you.
C7L8 How to Express and Elicit Feelings 00:00:00
Most people want to quash emotions-- their own and others. This is usually a mistake. Knowing how to draw out the emotions in others can become a powerful bonding experience.
C7L9 The Talking Stick Dialogue 00:00:00
The Talking Stick Dialogue is a crucial way to communicate with distressed people. Learn it and practice it and get ready for some significant results!
C7L10 Not Just the Golden Rule 00:00:00
We've all heard of the Golden Rule, but did you know about the other "rules"? Listen to this lesson and find out which rule rules you.
C7L11 Promoting Mutual Growth 00:00:00
One of the most powerful expressions of love to another person is to facilitate their personal growth. Listen and find out how.

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