We all want to have happy, healthy families! With all the challenges of navigating many different personalities, it can be tricky to create a great family! Please share with us, your experiences engaging with these new ideas— We want to hear from you!

Highly Recommended: Complete Courses 1,4,5, 7 before taking this course.

Coming Soon: Stewardship Delegation. A great way to teach children to complete tasks with no nagging from parents.

Course Curriculum

C9L1 The Importance of Family 00:00:00
Family relationships can give great joy and great pain. This lesson emphasizes the importance of family and why it is worth a great deal of sacrifice to create a healthy family.
C9L2 Seven Factors in a Healthy Family 00:00:00
There are at least 7 common factors in a healthy family. Understanding these factors can put you on the path to a happier family, now and in the future.
C9L3 What Were Your Parents Like? 00:00:00
Our parents are often supremely important influences upon us. Understanding our parents a little better can help us be intentional parents rather than reactive parents.
C9L4 What Kind of Parent do You Want to Be? 00:00:00
Different parenting styles create different results. Find out these styles to help your decide YOUR parenting style.
C9L5 Investing in Family Relationships 00:00:00
Some investments are more beneficial than others. By investing in family relationships, you create the possibility of lasting bonds that give great security and satisfaction.
C9L6 Seven Signs of Childhood Stress 00:00:00
Children don't communicate with words as much as with behavior. Learn to detect signs of distress that need to be addressed.
C9L7 Seven Solutions to Stress in Families 00:00:00
Solutions to family stress exist, and when you understand and use these solutions, you will notice a big difference in your family.
C9L8 Creating Healthy Routines and Traditions 00:00:00
Habits are incredibly important, and family habits, often called routines, are a fundamental building block of resilient families.
C9L9 Strength-based Motivation 00:00:00
Instead of fault-finding and criticism, use Strength-based motivation. It will give great rewards!
C9L10 Unhealthy Triangles and Alliances 00:00:00
When we are uncomfortable communicating directly with another person, we often turn to a third person for processing and support. This third person forms a triangle. These are very often unhealthy.

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