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End the Pain. Not the Marriage.


Every marriage needs saving at times. Perhaps yours needs saving now. If so, this course will be a crucial tool to create profound and sustainable change in your marriage relationship. Why? Because it addresses the underlying trauma and attachment issues that drive dysfunctional marriages. Other programs to save your marriage don’t do this.

You should have had a consultation with a mentor OR taken the SYM 90 assessment to determine if your marriage is a good candidate for our program. Not every distressed marriage is a good fit for SYM 90. Some marriages, especially if they have a pattern of the “Three A’s” (Abuse, Addictions to substances, or Affairs) may require intensive one-on-one counseling in conjunction with a structured program like SYM 90.

Save Your Marriage in 90 Days (SYM 90) is the result of years of counseling troubled couples and finding that traditional therapy has huge drawbacks. But at the end of 90 days of focused engagement with SYM 90, you will have developed the following critical skills and insights that will transform your marriage. You will:

  1. Understand the true costs of divorce.
  2. Understand your own and your mate’s emotions quickly and accurately.
  3. Understand the role that unhealed trauma plays in present marriage distress.
  4. Understand what Attachment is, and how a person develops various attachment styles.
  5. Understand how insecure attachment styles doom the best marriages to trouble.
  6. Understand how gratitude can soften your mate and your heart towards one another.
  7. Know and use a “Couples’ Time Out” plan to insure emotional safety when things get tense
  8. Understand the role of Core Issues, Primary Emotions, Secondary emotions in generating unhealthy behaviors.
  9. Learn how to talk about your pain to your spouse in ways that he or she will listen
  10. Learn how to listen to your spouse’s pain in ways that he or she will talk.

And that’s just the first 2 days of learning!!!

You can imagine how much you will learn and practice over the next 90 days, right? Your marriage relationship will truly be transformed, because you and your spouse will be truly transformed.

I hope you are encouraged enough to move forward with this exciting adventure. The skills and knowledge you will acquire by faithfully working the SYM 90 program will enrich every single relationship you have. Beginning with your husband or wife. See you at the end of 90 days!





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