Save Your Marriage in 90 Days– The Mentor Plus Package

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The Mentor Plus Package includes everything in the Daily Mentoring Package  plus  even more amazing benefits!

This is a blend of an online and live mentor program with 90 consecutive days of learning and skills practice. Here’s what you get in the Mentor Plus Package:

  • Online lessons for 90 days of growth and skill building.
  • Downloadable information-packed workbooks for each spouse.
  • Daily phone call/Facetime for 10-15 minutes with your Mentor, a graduate of SYM 90.
  • Weekly 1 hr group webinar w Joan Landes, psychotherapist,  Founder of SYM 90.
  • Membership in the private FaceBook Page Community
  • First chance to enroll in live workshops and marriage retreat opportunities before the general public.
  • VIP pass to 3 live 4-hour, in-person workshops.
  • The amazing Love Map Journal
  • Year-long access to all the courses on the Resilified website. 

First take the Quiz “Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?” to decide whether SYM 90 will be appropriate for you and your spouse. If you or your spouse scores 0-50, we strongly recommend that you enroll in private counseling along with the SYM 90 program since your challenges are significant and we want to set you up for success! If you score 51 or above, SYM 90 should be a good fit for you.

When you enroll, you will receive a mentor assigned to you through email.  This mentor is a graduate of SYM 90 and can guide you and your spouse through every step of the program. This mentor is willing to help another couple along in the program, not because they are getting paid, but because they want to “give back” and teach others. In addition, this mentor knows that their gains from SYM 90 will be solidified as they review and teach the program again.

So, be appreciative of your mentor. They are in this because they see the great benefits for marriages and families and for no other reason. Mentors will connect with you almost daily by phone or FaceTime and will spend about 10-15 minutes with you addressing concerns and celebrating your progress.

We are excited to welcome you into the the SYM 90 family! Work the program and the program will work for you!


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